Created in the Corridor: FlexEasy | Published on May 13, 2015

MARION, IA (CBS2/FOX28) – As people continually seek ways to stay healthy, more are turning to alternative treatments. Chiropractic, for example, is the largest alternative medical profession and more than half of Americans use dietary supplements. When something natural works you tend to stick with it. And if you have joint pain you might want to consider what a local doctor Created in the Corridor.

“I played football, baseball, rugby and the joints just weren’t working,” says Alan Read as he describes the price he’s paid for his active life as a sports enthusiast. So several years ago the 46 year-old wellness teacher and coach at Vernon Middle School started using FlexEasy to relieve his knee and ankle pain.

“(It also helps with) mobility, stretching, flexibility. I’ve had a couple knee operations, as well, so I don’t have much cartilage in the knees. I think it really does help,” insists Read.

Dr. Brad Krueger of Marion developed FlexEasy in 2003 because he had his own join problems after suffering a shoulder injury during his career as a chiropractor.

“(I was) running to get the ice packs during the work day. I couldn’t hardly stand it anymore,” says Krueger. He discovered that the glucosamine tablets he had been taking were not breaking down in his digestive system and when his research into liquid options came up short, he created his personal formula. FlexEasy contains ten natural ingredients that help maintain and repair cartilage and fight joint and muscle inflammation.

“Cartilage component, anti-inflammatory component and theres a couple (compenents) in there that actually have been found to fight some of the pain enzyme blockers in your body, as well too,” explains Krueger. He quickly saw improvement. “With me it was within a month as far as controlling some of the popping in my shoulders and just the localized inflammation that I was getting.”

Dr. Colette Murphy has been a chiropractor for 28 years and once shared an office with Krueger. She has not only used FlexEasy herself, she prescribes it.

“Once a patient in our office starts using FlexEasy in the way that its supposed to be used, tremendous results with it. They start feeling better, they start walking better if it’s their knee or their back. The inflammation goes down and the cartilage starts to be rebuilt,” says Murphy.

Adds Krueger, “People don’t realize the amount of plants that are available to fight inflammation within the body and thats why we put a lot of this stuff into FlexEasy so I’d really like them to try that.”

Thanks to Krueger’s website and Amazon, he has sales all over the continental United States and beyond. You can access the FlexEasy website here. But as always, consult your physician before starting any treatment regimen.