Rob Merritt and Dennis Green

Getting Creative Series: Rob Merritt

If there is a common thread in the Getting Creative series it is that creative people are hard to pigeonhole. Rarely do they do just one thing. Sometimes wearing multiple hats is an economic necessity, but just as often it is because a creative mind is always exploring and wanting to learn new things.

Our guest today is a journalist, an actor, and a filmmaker. His book on the Columbine shooting is taught in classrooms to this day and his original play “The Summerland Project,” which debuted right here at Theatre Cedar Rapids, is now being made into a feature film.

Introducing: Rob Merritt

The Summerland Project is currently awaiting distribution. You can also see Rob’s work as a video producer on area TV, Facebook, and YouTube.

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A special thank you to Theatre Cedar Rapids for the venue to film our video.